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 Poacher2020 Instructions

Poacher2020 is a free, real-time Texas Hold 'em poker coach used to analyze previously played hands or while playing the game. It is useful at helping you find holes in your game — times when you bet too much or too little.

Poacher2020 gives you the strength of your hand based on the number of players, your position at the table, and number of live hands.

Strength is measured in big blinds, where positive numbers mean you are expected, on average, to win this amount. Negative numbers mean you are expected to lose this amount.

In general, you should be betting positive amounts (multiply the number by the current big blind), and avoid playing when the value is negative.

There may be reasons to play negative value situations, such as when you are chip lead against much smaller stacks, or when your spidey-sense tells you an opponent is bluffing.

There are also reasons to avoid betting positive value situations, such as when you are short stacked or when setting a trap.

To start, select the number of players at the top. As players get knocked out, make sure you adjust this number. You can change it mid-hand if you need to.

You also will want to select your position at the table. Each time you select Reset (or press Enter/Return/Space), your position will shift to the right to align with your position from the dealer. You can also change this value mid-hand. You may need to adjust this as players get knocked out.

Click the two cards in your hand and Poacher2020 will show you the value of the hand for all positions at the table, with your position marked. Later positions are always considered stronger than earlier positions.

As additional cards are revealed, select them and Poacher2020 will update the data.

The pyramid below the initial position strengths shows values for when players drop out of the hand.

For instance, you may be in position 3 of 5 players (UTG), but if the two players in front of you drop out of the hand, you will be in position 1 of 3 live hands, a weaker position. Roll overs show this information.

Similarly, if you start in position 3 of 5 but the two players after you drop out, you will be in position 3 of 3 live hands, a stronger position.

You can use your browser controls (back/forward) to review play. You can also click on cards to rewind to that situation (ie, click on any of the flop cards to go back to the flop).

You can use bookmarks to save hands or copy URLs to share on social media.

Poacher2020 is based on limited data from an artificial intelligence game-playing engine and should be considered an estimated value of strength.

No guarantees, warrantees, or compliance with any municipalities, are provided. Treat it as skeptically as you would any other free information on the web.

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