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 Poacher2022: Free Basic Strategy for Any Hand of Texas Hold 'em

Poacher2022 real-time analysis (RTA) helps you avoid the two most costly mistakes beginners can make:

Just need some pre-flop help? See the Poacher 2021 Pre-flop Charts

It does this by suggesting the minimum bet you should make in a given situation and the maximum you should call.

To use it

Select the number of players at the table in the upper-left.

Select your postion at the table. (1=Small Blind, 2=Big Blind, etc.)

Select the cards in order they are delt. First two are hole cards, next three are the flop, next one is the turn. Last card is the river.

With each change, Poacher will show you min-bet and max-call.

Green means to bet or call this amount. Red means you should not bet. Yellow means that you are slightly favored to win and should use other factors (ie, live hands, their stacks, your read on players) to make the call.

Select Reset in the upper-right (or press Enter/Return/Space) to reset for the next hand. This will advance your position. You may need to adjust Players as people drop out.

More info

You can use your browser controls (back/forward) to review play. You can also click on cards to rewind to that situation (ie, click on any of the flop cards to go back to the flop).

You can use bookmarks to save hands or copy URLs to share on social media.

Poacher2022 is based on data from an artificial intelligence game-playing engine and should be considered an estimated value of strength.

No guarantees, warrantees, or compliance with any municipalities, are provided. Treat it as skeptically as you would any other free information on the web.

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